Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - One of the Biggest Hoax in the History of Internet

You have created a Beautiful website. May be you are thinking life will start changing now . Now all you just need to reach more people for that. 

But are you searching for SEO tips or something to rank your website higher in google? Are you searching for How to make a post come top at the google for a particular keyword ? Do you believe whatever you read on internet or people say are always telling you everything?

Let me tell you something, if you are searching for the people to do SEO for your website to rank higher on google in a faster way , then there is a huge chance that its going to be a failure . There are no quicker ways .

Search Engine Optimization, i don't know what have you learned about it before. For me this is One of the Biggest Hoax in the History of Internet . This is just a natural process.

If someone tells you that they can make your website rank high on google or make a post come top on google search results for a particular keyword in a week, well that can happen, but not for long. When you are going to fall, no body gonna be there to save you. They are going to show you the result at first . But that result won't last long .

We all have the statistics how many websites get launched everyday. But how many popular websites we know? How many gets popular ? Most becomes a big failure because of this reasons.

SEO is just like growing a tree in to the garden. You have to give the water properly and have to wait for it to grow and then start giving fruits.

There are lots of strategies available like link building, guest blogging etc . All of a sudden your content or website can get a lot of reputation .  And by doing this, your website becomes suspicious to google.

So how your post going to rank on top of google? How you are going to get a lots of visitors in your website?

It depends on your selection. What niche you chose, Which keyword you are targeting etc. Those strategies are good to if it's done in natural way.

But you don't need all these. Only two things that can make your website popular are your content and your viewers. That's all you need. You have to came up with some genuine ideas, or something you are pretty sure that it's going to win the hearts of the people in a positive or negative way.

Content is the main key.  Make sure your content is so catchy, it must need to follow some rules. Well you can find the writing ideas on searching google. Be perfect. Try to make people fall in love with your content .

Then you have Facebook , Twitter etc. Share your articles there and share with your friends. Now if you see it ain't going anywhere, failed to grab some organic traffic, then buy some likes through Facebook Marketing and reach the interested people of your field who's gonna read and like your content.

You can hire people for digital marketing , as there are many tweaks to use the money properly.

Your subscribers, viewers , readers are the biggest part of the SEO. You don't need to worry about link building or press releases or anything. Once people start talking about you, it's going to get shared automatically.

If your content getting shared by the users from around the world, then your posts going to rank higher in google. Your website ranking in Alexa will be much better .

Sometimes it doesn't matter whatever you are writing - is it right or wrong or SEO friendly or not. If you are writing something important, then its going to attract a lot of people and can rank higher.

I personally tried all the tricks to make a post or my website get a good rank in google. But after years of experiment, this is the best thing i can tell you.

Don't try to fool google by reading online articles. It's easy to rank higher in a quick way by cheap tricks, which called black hat SEO . It can bring happiness for sometimes, but soon it'll turn into your biggest nightmare .

Search Engine Optimization is not completely Hoax at all. You just have to learn it in a proper way. I am going to tell you more about it so that you can become a real SEO Expert. Keep visiting my blog.

Anyway, If you are beginning and new to SEO, Then there is a post which i wrote a long ago might help you to learn about search engine optimization.



  1. So basically you are saying link building, guest posting is not worthy at all? These all are hoax? These are by far the best way to get your website grab some good reputation. I don't know why you wrote this article, i can't agree with you.

    1. No , Of course not. As i already said, these strategies are good if its done in a natural way. Actually if you have created something good, it's automatically going to get shared by your viewers, in different blogs and everywhere. Doing too much of these things can get you into trouble. That's why i prefer natural way. Create something interesting, it's going to take few moments to become viral, and then you can have millions of backlinks .


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