Why You Should Never Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Website

I started using Godaddy 5 Years ago. Previously i was using local server for my websites and url's . Then i saw huge advertisements of Godaddy and their website also looked promising. So i decided to give it a try . 

Experience was good for the first time. Then some of the minor errors started happening and it's because i started experimenting with my theme i used in my website and database and things went wrong again and again, Every time wordpress update took place, my site crashed or started showing error. And i solved each and every problem with the help of Wordpress.org and also by searching on google . And some of the problems i was unable to solve, and i asked help from godaddy and i was surprised. They really had some good developer team then , they fixed many of my problems quickly. I remember there's one time every image of my website was showing error, when i tried to upload a new one that also showing error which was really a frustrating experience. So i called them and they also put me on hold nearly one hour and they solved it.  This was all good and i was really impressed by them.

But from the past year, i don't know what happened to them, they just became something else. Every time i contact them, they always talk in a manner that they don't have time for you. May be they don't have the great developer team anymore, may be they can't afford now. I went through several problems in my website,  and i contacted them but they told me that they can't help. This problem is from my side, and they don't have the permission to access it. They try to tell you as much as possible to accept the fact that it's your fault , they're going to tell you so much useless points till the time you give up .

Today i am writing this post only because i am so frustrated with their awful services. The support team they have now completely have no idea about websites or anything. I was busy updating my website with the daily posts i make as it is a couponing website, and suddenly the website crashed and it said "Error Estabilishing Database Connection" . This started happening to me for a long time, Every day at 2 30 pm in the afternoon , my site show me this error for 5 mins, then it gets fixed automatically. So i know that this problem is from there end, not mine, if this problem would've occurred from my side, then i am sure it shouldn't get fixed automatically . Now today while i was working, the site went down at 11 am in the morning and this time it didn't go away like the other days, i know the problem wasn't from my side, so i contacted them and they told me that they are trying to fix it. But after sometime, the support executive came up and told me that the problem is occurring from my end, i need to contact a developer and then i need to fix it. I tried to tell them a thousand times that it's started for a month, everyday for 5 mins this error occurs and it goes away automatically but today it's not going away. But they just don't want to listen to me anymore, they were just trying to get away from me, i understand that by the way she is talking. After a long chat, i said thank you and disconnected the call. Then i called one of my developer friend and he told me that he's going to fix it at night as he was in his office. So without having any option, i waited. And after two hours, when i checked back again , then amazingly the site started working again. It got fixed automatically. All the plugins in my website are updated, everything is working good , but only problem is this one, and it still happens. I told my developer friend and he told me that it's not happening from your side, it's completely their fault, and they are telling me its my fault. Now honestly i don't know whom should i believe , i believe in my friend cause the website is 3 years old and i never had any problem like this before , but for a month this problem started and i didn't change anything, didn't added any new plug in or removed or used external codes  anything at all. So just to stay away from this problem, don't go with it. They say that they are taking care of it, i don't need to worry about anything , but honestly , i don't think they care about it anymore. It's better if you buy normal hosting, install wordpress manually and then start working. Also there are a lot disadvantage when you are using godaddy's manage wordpress, you can't use most popular plugins with it, you have to satisfy yourself with the one they are offering. As a beginner it's going to look good for you, but i am sure once you understand the things a little more closely, then you are not going to stay away with it. If you are running an important website, then you must ignore this Managed Wordpress Hosting By Godaddy.