Blue Whale Game Explained - Why You Should Not Play This Game

Kids are dying by playing this game. And the most important thing is after getting a lot of popularity and awareness, kids are still trying to playing this game. They are ready to complete all the task given in the game. The real question is why? What do they want to prove? Why kids are getting effected so much?  

Before i answer all my questions, i must have to say the creator of this game is very intelligent. If a single person have died by this game, then his mission is successful. People mostly kids may be find it true that they can surely apply their Call of Duty Skills in the real world, it's a similar thinking like most people with big muscles always have an attitude like they can conquer the world with their 20 inch biceps. I feel really sad when i see this types of people. People like this always available beside you, beside all of us. And that's what made this game successful . 

Anyway, so why this challenge attracting all the people? It's simple, it's because of curiosity. Just like the horror movies or the video clips. We know the outcome but still can't resist to click in the video. And in this same way, this killer game is attracting kids a lot. Negative things always attract people . May be they want to prove themselves how tough they are. Or may be they want to explore the steps and want to get fame , want to be the hero in friends circle. But i think most people can't play the game . The people behind this game always tracking the kids and targeting their victims after extracting all the details about him or her.

I have seen the steps of this game, what you need to do and what not. The person who created this game is very talented, it's a sad thing that he didn't used his brain in a positive way. May be he is a psychology student, who somehow discovered how to destroy a person's brain, mind , courage etc which is a terrible crime. These tasks not just effect your body, it creates a huge pressure in your brain. Cutting yourselves several times, Watching horror videos, visiting train tracks or high buildings, the steps are designed neatly to lure your mind away to death.

When you know you are in the killer game, you are always going to think about death when you are visiting train tracks or went to the roof of a building. Watching horror videos burn calories a lot, and watching the movies continuously at 4 am in the morning means you haven't slept the whole night. For 15 days you are going to do this continuously. Your brain is going to be dead tired, and by watching the horror movies and doing all other things, may be you are not going to realize it but you are already trapped in to the death cave completely. Following all these steps accurately going to make you a Robot. It's going to be like some one did some black magic on you and now he controls your brain, you follow his commands.

Undoubtedly they are great hackers too, maybe they are tracking you from the social networks,seeing all the activities, may be seeing your conversations too to check the status of your life. Anything can possible. Not all people can play this game, they chose who they want. Many people now using a lots of apps in Facebook , twitter etc like which actor you look alike, or click many links which looks like pretty fun. But this is a simple way to giveaway all the details of your accounts. People knew everything these days, but still they can't resist themselves to take the wrong step.

There's a boy who was rescued by the police after a complain from his brother that he is involve in this killer game. He said that once you are into it,you just can't get away from it. Even if you don't want to continue, but the things that going to happen with you, you just can't quit. You must have to go forward. Now there going to be a lot of games like this. May be there's already some killer games available. But thing is how smart you really are? Can you walk on a road without having the phone in your hands or headphones hanging from your ears or neck? May be anyone can find this question stupid but if you have time, do follow the people in the road and you can see most of them can't walk without phone. Well personally i find people much attractive who walks without anything in their hand, but sadly i don't find anyone like that these days.

Using machines now making you a machine. A portion of your brain is becoming disabled . Your brain which has enormous power of thinking, we are forgetting about that and making it dull with a 5 inch device. When i first heard about this game, i couldn't believe myself. How can this happen? How anyone can die just by playing a game? It didn't take much time for me to figure out.  Life has no value now these days. Leading a Positive life is hard, but negative is really easy. It takes years of hard work to earn the reputation. To get respected by others. Continue the life with perfection is a great achievement in the life. Most people can not do that now these days. And do you know how much time does it take to go away all the reputation you have gathered in your whole life? Just 1 to 10 seconds is enough.

Now it's always up to us, how we want to lead the life. If you love your life, then just do what makes you a good person. Do the things that makes you happy. Just don't try to fooling around in the places where they don't give a single value for you. Spend your time with your family. Parents should take children where they are going to learn how not to stay in touch with the mobile twice or thrice a week(just joking, but it's really important to do something like this).

If someone points a gun at you or throw something at you, what are you going to do? face it or run away? Giving away your life does not going to solve the answers of your problems. We all have to fight to take ourselves in a better place. Stop being curious with this kind of stupid things, there are a lots of interesting things available in the world which worth knowing. Wasting your valuable time and also giving away your life in this way means nothing. Love your family, if you don't have one, then think about the one who also don't have anyone, spend their everyday life in road or garbage. Go and try to help them, think about them. Do something for them. This world needs everyone. I hope the people who reads this post , be aware of this kind of games and also alert others . Stay safe, Enjoy the Life !