Tips to Keep Social Network Pages Safe and Run Successfully

Today i am going to tell you how to manage social network pages properly for your website. I started managing all of it by myself but it didn't go well for me. So here are some tips to keep social network pages safe and run successfully -

Social media pages can make your website the best among all. It is the land of opportunity, takes a huge part in SEO . You can create a permanent user base with it. So you must take this seriously.

  • First of all in Facebook , it is one of the best place where you can share unlimited links .But do not share a lot of links in your page. Try to see when your user's are most active on your page. Make one or two posts or a maximum 3 posts per day. Don't post frequently.

  • About Twitter, try to follow the same things as above. Don't use link Shortener . Using too much URL Shorteners can generate a bad image to your users. Ask yourself, how many times you click on url shorteners unless you trust the source? Twitter can block your account and also it can effect your SEO . Try to use popular hashtags if possible or leave it alone. Don't create unhealthy hashtags.

  • About Stumbleupon, post as many links as you can. Post useful things that's worth the time. Just check their content restrictions to be aware of getting your account deleted. If they ban you, that means you are ban forever and you can not open another account .

  • About Tumblr , Post as many links as you can but try to write on your own, don't use autoposting softwares or anything. And also stop posting too much links on your post, try to write something good , something natural, something worthy to your viewers to keep your account alive.

  • Must take a look at the terms and conditions of Google plus for the content you are sharing . Sharing videos from Youtube is good but too many website links can get you into trouble. Google is very strict in this case. Don't use unnecessary hashtags or words . Try to post 2 or 3 times but not frequently. Don't just act like a robot .

  • Pinterest is a good site, you can share everything and also you can create post there a lot of time per day. Just don't use any kind of Auto posting Software or something, it can cause you problem.

  • Linkedin is also a good platform to gain some visitors on your website. Just try to post 2 times a day there.

Don't do any suspicious activities .  If you are planning a website and want to go with it for the rest of your life, then you must need to follow these rules. Just try to stay safe. If somehow your social network page gets deleted, many search results from google will be gone. Just remember these simple tips to keep social network pages safe and run successfully .