Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tips to Keep Social Network Pages Safe and Run Successfully

There is something i need to tell you about how to manage social network pages of your website. I have came up with some questions and no one mentioned it anywhere in this whole internet. So i got the answers all by myself, which is pretty hard you know. I have a website and to gain some followers on it, i opened account in Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr , Pinterest , Stumbleupon and many but these name are the most popular social network where you can find a huge amount of user base. So what are the things i want to tell you? I want to tell you how to make a post in this places, how many post can you make in one day, How to write a post so that you don't get blocked or lose your website social network account .  

First of all in Facebook , it is one of the places where you can share unlimited links but you have to do it in natural way. All these social networks, they all have the data and they calculated how a user normally do when they are on facebook . So you know the drill, what have you done when you first opened your Facebook account? You can't just log in to your facebook and share as many links as you want, one day they are going to find out and they will send you a threat for spamming . Just first few days , try to see when your user's are most active and keep posting 5 or 10 post, and also you must need to remember your all post should not contain links, you have to write at least 1 or 2 posts without links. Don't post more than 10 post, may be you can continue for some months or years but trust me, if you lose that page somehow or get a threat from them, then you are in danger and they are now always tracking your activity. So be safe.

About Twitter, try to follow the same things as above. Don't use link Shortener always, try to explain your post in a few words if you can, using too much URL Shorteners can generate a bad image and you can get your account blocked and also it can effect your seo .And also try not to post links in every post. Use the Hash Tags Carefully, you don't have to make your site popular by creating a hashtag and posting it again and again in each of your post. Try to use popular hashtags if possible or leave it alone.

About Stumbleupon, post as many links as you can , try to use different site and just check their content restrictions to be aware of getting your account deleted. If they ban you, that means you are ban forever and you can not open  another account ever.

About Tumblr , Post as many links as you can but try to write on your own, don't  use autoposting softwares or anything, not just in Tumblr, but in any other social networks, cause it's going to get your account deleted one day sooner or later. And also stop posting too much links on your post, try to write something good , something natural, something worthy to your viewers to keep your account alive. 

You can share many links on google plus too, but don't share frequently, and much take a look at the terms of the content you can share. Sharing videos from youtube is good but too many website links can get you into trouble. Try to keep your account healthy, google is very strict in this case, so you should be careful, just search the terms and see if the content you are sharing is okay with their terms. Don't use unnecessary hashtags or words , try to post 5 times but not frequently. Don't just act like a robot .

I think that's enough for now to know how exactly you can run your social network pages successfully for years without getting it blocked. Just don't do anything that makes you suspicious to them. Pinterest is a good site, you can share everything there but just don't use any kind of Auto posting softwares. If you are planning a website and want to go with it for the rest of your life, then you must need to follow these rules. It's up to you how to continue, just try to stay safe. Cause if somehow your social network page gets deleted, you can lost many visitors of your website and also many search results from google will be gone and trust me, it's nothing but nightmare. 

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