How Much You Care About the Specifications of Newly Released Games??

You Know, When a game trailer releases and after watching that we all get excited and then we, specially those people who have cheap graphic cards or old PCs, they always start thinking - how much specs its gonna take to run the game, what i am going to need to play this one? Well just stop thinking like that.

Now another thing i found on internet that If you have a GTX 980 ti or similar graphics card , I mean the more you spend for your graphics card and PC, most people going to refer you as hardcore gamer. But sorry i completely disagree with this point. Money spending doesn't make you a hardcore gamer,for me a Hardcore Gamer is the one who just want to play the games at any cost, even if its lagging, they continue clearing chapters without thinking its lagging, just want to feel the thrill anyway possible, i think they are true gamer. You know once i completed Resident Evil 5 Game without a graphics card and i played it in windowed mode and i customized the screen size and made it 320x240p, After lowering the resolution that much, the game was playable and i completed the whole game in that way. Do you understand the size of the screen? It's the size of the old Nokia phone screens which You used to own once upon a time . And also once i had a GT 610 graphics card, my first graphics card, which is without a doubt the cheapest graphics card available in the market that time, many of my friends at that time had GT 660 or GT 750 and i felt ashamed to mention my card in front of them.

But you know the most interesting things in our conversation was when they talk about games and asked me , hey, did you played this game? I always told them yeah of course i did, that mission was great, this game really has some good graphics. If you just love to play games at any cost, if graphics doesn't matter to you, Gameplay is the only thing that matters, then don't worry about newly released games and whatever the game developers said about specs. You can play every new game with your old GPU. If you want to upgrade your system, just try to make your RAM 8 or 16 GB and buy a good Processor. You must need to upgrade these two. And about the graphics card, even if you own the cheapest one, you can play every single game with that , may be you need to lower the resolution and also you have to play it in low settings, but most important thing is, you can play it. 

Most things you read on internet just for marketing purpose. If they don't mention the graphics card on the game specs, then how the graphics card companies should sell their products? NVIDIA releases a new series of graphics card every single year, if you stick with one too long , then how they are going to survive? So they do all these things to force you for an upgrade. Some of the games has extra features which you can enable with a NVIDIA card, if you have a Raedon, then well you are going to see those option as disabled. They force you to buy a new card with the newly released games. Do you think Raedon cards are not capable for those extra settings? Of course they are, but the companies just want to sell their product any how possible. I am sure this post not going to effect anyone, but if you are on a tight budget, and afraid whether you can play the new Call of Duty game that releasing in this year with your old graphics card or not, well just don't be afraid. I guaranty you can play it. Check here some of the videos i made with an old cheap gpu R7 240, Some games even mentioned that this graphics card is not eligible for this game, but still i continued anyway and this is the result - 

Hitman Performance - 

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 

Batman Arkham Knight - 

But sad thing is you can't just continue like that. Sooner or later, you have to change your GPU once Nvidia or Raedon stop updating the drivers of your GPU. Your GPU is always able to run the recent games, but one day they are going to stop updating the drivers and only then your card will become ineligible to run the new games. Now how are you going to solve this problem? I have a solution for that, the only solution, simple one, start earning money, just stop wasting your precious time by reading this kind of posts, it's not healthy for you now. I know those who are going to end up in my blog and going to read this post, they are somehow in a similar place in their life and that's why you came to the end of this post because you liked it and want to see the solution. What do you do on your spare time? Watch Adult movies or decent one's, or see girls or Facebook? Quit them now if you can and use that time by reading this kind of posts , i think that's much better. People must need to rest , must need amusement or how they can continue etc etc These kinds of words or excuses are just not for the one who don't earn a decent amount of money. I am not telling this to you so you can sit in front of your computer all the day and night and kill yourself, am just trying to tell you to give your maximum effort and try to be creative and start earning.  Now don't give me the ssshtty talks about socialization or anything, i know how to deal with those kind of situations, once you have money, you don't really have to give any effort to make yourself social, others will do it for you to make themselves look social in front of you . Back in the days , i didn't even have the money to buy a new GPU, i used to watch games on my friends PC's and sometimes i went to cybercafe and played games like IGI , GTA Vice City etc. I exactly remember those days pretty well and i just don't want to see you in this kind of positions.Whatever you are doing, just try to be the best in it and see if you can turn yourself in a money earning machine. It's the earning time, So time going to run faster than you, so you have to give your best, and once you started earning a decent amount of money, time is gonna fall behind. Sorry for my English and for my post. Whatever i am writing, i hope your brains are well developed which is enough to take out the good part from it, well i mean the message i tried you give you .  Thanks for visiting my blog, Good Luck and Enjoy Gaming !