Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tips to Keep Social Network Pages Safe and Run Successfully

There is something i need to tell you about how to manage social network pages of your website. I have came up with some questions and no one mentioned it anywhere in this whole internet. So i got the answers all by myself, which is pretty hard you know. I have a website and to gain some followers on it, i opened account in Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr , Pinterest , Stumbleupon and many but these name are the most popular social network where you can find a huge amount of user base. So what are the things i want to tell you? I want to tell you how to make a post in this places, how many post can you make in one day, How to write a post so that you don't get blocked or lose your website social network account .  

Monday, June 12, 2017

How Much You Care About the Specifications of Newly Released Games??

You Know, When a game trailer releases and after watching that we all get excited and then we, specially those people who have cheap graphic cards or old PCs, they always start thinking - how much specs its gonna take to run the game, what i am going to need to upgrade for playing this one? Well just stop thinking like that.