Why My Gaming Channels are not Popular on Youtube

Last night i wrote another terrible post about how to make a successful gaming channel on Youtube and today again, i am going to share with you another of my s88y post . I have 2 Gaming channels on youtube . Created nearly 2 month ago i guess. And i have uploaded a lots of videos on them, my English sucks and i am sure you know it if you read any of my previous post, so i made many no commentary videos . I have two channels, one is Lone Indian Gaming and another is Sparia19 Gaming . Lone Indian Gaming Consists gameplay videos , have uploaded gameplay videos like Resident Evil 4, 5 , 6 , Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Knight, Call of Duty etc  And in my other channel sparial19 ,  i post short videos like game performances or game tricks etc . I gave tags descriptions everything but still after posting a lots of videos, i haven't reached even 1000 views in my two channels. I have 400 videos in these two channels, but organic traffic? none . 

According to my last night topic, just check my channels and see how they are performing. In this competition market , your hard work is not enough to make your channels successful on youtube anymore. I have seen a lot of channels, those who have posted 10 gameplay videos of old games and got 1000 subscribers and in each videos , they got 20k views or more and trust me, those videos are horrible. Search the gaming channels on youtube and am sure you can find what am saying here. I have shared my videos in facebook, twitter, instagram , tumbler everywhere , my friends know about it, but still no miracle. You need to have huge amount of money now a days to buy views first then you can start earning money after a certain time. Millions of people creating new channels everyday. How you are going to survive unless you have something more to offer? Here is the example of the channels without any promotions or anything, see the status .

Lone Inidian Gaming

Now soon my channel going to be a popular one . Just wait, and also see the views of the videos now. Stats going to change soon. Here am sharing you the images of the total views of the channels till now  - 

Just wait for the 2nd part of this post . By sharing all these, i have no intention to discourage you, you can do whatever you want. All i just want to tell you, don't do mistakes. Some quotes are made to cover up the collateral damages, like - " learn from your mistakes " , i want to say life is too short even for a mistake. Unless you have something special to offer, just don't waste your time doing the same thing that others doing. No doubt Youtube is a great great platform and i love it. Just be prepared , whatever you are planning, take your time and research about it more and more, when you are think you are good to go, then you can start it. Enjoy your work and Earn money at the same time, Good Luck !