How to Create a Successful Website in 2017

So You want to create a successful website and want to earn money from Adsense. I am sure you have researched about it a lot and you are ready now to go for the next step. But hold on, Before you go, i have something to say. Well you can make any website popular, even a worst niche can become a great niche if you are wealthy enough to spend on it. But if you are in a tight budget, then you must need to listen to this. I know you've heard a lots of bloggers, but am not going to say all the same s**t you have read nearly 1000 of times. I have some websites and i know exactly how i made them . I am not rich yet but i just love what i am doing. But anyway, in this post, i am going to help you to create a successful website and earn good money from it. 

My First point is, Choose whatever niche you want, doesn't matter, every niche in this world is always demanding, the main thing is, how much you know about it, how much you can work on it, how many contents you can write and post about it in a day ? it's all depends how much you know about the niche you selected. If you are sure enough that you can justify it pretty well and people gonna like it, then go for it. It's a long way though, you need to be patience and you need to work and work and work, just don't stop working and try to keep the website updated daily.
If you are buying a new domain, that's a real problem. It takes some time to gain some domain authority . Creating a website with a new domain and making it popular is a hard job. If you are in a tight budget, by telling you that i mean you can't spend much money on advertising and other stuffs, then you have to work at least 2 years, you have to write content daily, you have to share it on social media and you are going to earn nothing in this 2 years . So can you do that? Sounds hard, but if you succeed to keep the patience , then well i can guaranty that your hard work going to end well.

Some thing people must need to know about google, Google is one of the best opportunity that any man can have in their life. Google loves to give the chance to everyone, and always going to reward the one who are really hard working. Google tracks everything when you are in the business. If you are working hard and updating your website daily , and also the content is adsense friendly, and if you have enough contents in one month, then you can apply for adsense and they'll approve it. There's no such time like it takes 6 months to get an approval on Adsense. Well in my case, i have got my adsense approval in a month . Now don't waste the chance when you get an approval on adsense by spamming here and there and violate google terms. I know going through google friendly way takes a lot of hard work and you won't be earning money soon, but when it starts, i bet there's no such happiness than this.
When you are sharing your contents on social media, don't use any automated tool. Do it manually, if you do it manually, your pages going to pop up soon on Google Search. Never Use Automated tool , Sooner or later, all the social profiles well if you have created google plus, tumblr, stumbleupon etc, they're going to get banned . Facebook , Twitter is a bit different but still using automated tool to create post in there is not good, google not going to index them soon. So be careful .

Adsense Earnings also depends on the niche you have chosen for your blog. CPC is higher for some Niches like travel, earning money , health etc and it's also depends on which country you are getting the most visitors.Many people always asking how to increase the CPC in Adsense , i know the trick but am not telling you that for free. I have researched a lot about it and currently am making a PDF about this, i want to sell it because it took me several years of research and after that i have succeeded to increase my CPC .I don't even care if you are going to buy my book or not , It's upto you .

Now making money from Youtube Adsense is hard now a days. Also Adsense implemented some rules like if you don't have 10000 viewers in your video, they'll not show ads on your channel. You can buy the visitors but still in  my opinion, Engagement rate is pretty low in youtube where websites are good and people most likely going to click on the ads on a website. So if you are sure enough that you can create something different on youtube , then you are welcome. Or else, don't tell me i didn't warned you.
Content must be in good quality and must need to be more than 300 words. Don't just push the content to reach the 300 words. Always try to write something useful. Don't use cheap tricks for Keyword density. A well written content automatically going to showed up in the front page of the search result , and also yeah it needs a bit optimization if you don't know how to write a SEO Friendly Content.

If you are planning a new website, and you want to make a life with it, then try to see the future , well i mean just research a bit and create a plan, whether people going to read it in future or not, just try some stats or ask an expert or a real friend to get an idea about the content of your website. Or check the stats of the niche in google trends, how it performed in the past 5 years or 10 .

All these things i just told you, i know most of you can't abide the things i said now a days. Millions of people right now thinking the same thing what you thinking. Competition is pretty high now a days. Only plan a website if you can spend some money on it. Think about facebook , this one is the popular website in the world right now, and from old people to kids, everyone knows about it, even my 5 years old niece also know what is it and she use her mothers account to chat with others. It is very popular but still they spend millions a day to advertise there website. You spend $100k in a year and after gaining followers you are stopped, that's not going to work. You need to reach as many people as you can in the world, competition is too high right now, they won't come to you, you have to reach them. Exception can be happens sometime but still  i hope you understand what i just tried to say.

Anyway i am going to end here for today, am going to right about it again . All i just want to give you an idea about the business you want to start , so you don't have to see the worst case scenario like i did. 

Thanks for visiting my blog or whatever . Good Luck !