How to Create a Popular Youtube Gaming Channel in 2017

Wow , A Gaming Channel on Youtube , Sounds Great , You are playing awesome games , your favorite games and people watching you, clicking your ads, you are becoming a famous personality and also earning millions of money at the same time, People are going crazy about you oh, it's like a dream come true. Right? You have a Gaming Channel Right? How long you are running it? Who are you? Are you PewDiePie or TheRadBrad ? None? Then what are you doing here? 

I am sure you have dreamed already to become a famous youtube gamer, but first of all let me tell you something, just stop thinking like " huh, i am going to play some games with some cool tricks and i am the best among all " . Okay you can think whatever you want to, but can you find me anything about a game which isn't available on Youtube yet? Can you? Just go and try it now. Find a question about a game which you have played 1000 of times and you know every bit of it, and just try to find a question from it which is not yet available on Youtube? If you can not find one, why do you think people going to see you? Millions of Videos of the games available. A new game gets launched yesterday, and you can see millions of videos available of that game next day. And what makes you think you can survive ? Can you be the first one to publish the first video of that new game?

Anyway, Still you don't like a single word i just told you, You still think you are the best and you can do different than others? That's the spirit, Great. I am sure people are well known with this famous quote -  "don't let anyone change who you are, what you are trying to do , just be yourself , Do whatever you doing " . Sounds great, All the terrorists also thinking the same way like you are doing right now. Yeah i know it's being said in a positive way, but why saying such things which creates debate? which is not good for everyone? sometimes you can be wrong. Millions of unsuccessful people living in this planet, aren't you learning anything from them? It feels great when you are a celebrity and post that kind of quotes to encourage, but it's common that everyone not going to take the s** in the same way. Only few becomes successful, others don't. As for me, i'll try to say something better which isn't going to create any debate or rather choose to stay silent.  My point is , why you want to risk your life in such things where you can see completely every place is taken?  Don't pretend you don't know, sometimes to become successful , you need to sacrifice. Just sacrifice your gamer dream which will be good for your life, for your future , for your families future if they are dependent on you.If the Sacrifice word didn't exist in your dictionary, then take a look at your mom and dad. Just find a good job and live a healthy life . Cause millions of Gaming channels available and i bet you know a few famous gamers name. Just try to think. Stay away from it and find something better where you can perform your best.

* Still you are here and reading my useless garbage posts? okay so you already settled your mind. Well so here are some of the tips -
* Try to go live with the newest games that just got released. New games always came up in youtube trends and by doing that, you can earn some visitors as well as subscribers.
* Pay as many money as you can to promote your videos and earn some subscribers. Always try to target countries which shows a lot interests in the gaming .
* Don't ignore the descriptions of your gaming videos. They are very useful and help you to come at the top of the search results.
* Always try to target the new games. People like to see survival horror games most. So creating video of call of duty is not as profitable as creating a video of Outlast .
* Follow the famous gamers and see what making their videos look interesting. And then copy them, no don't try to copy them, then start thinking of it and try to came up with some unique idea which can entertain your audience well. 
* At last, Promote your channel by creating giveaways. This is one of the finest ideas to get some visitors and subscribers for your channel. Create giveaways and reward your visitors with some good prizes . Promote your giveaways as much as possible, there are many popular websites available like sweepsadvantage , , winprizesonline , Contestgirl etc where you can promote your giveaways for free . 
Always research the trendy game and try to make videos on it. It's going to be helpful for the channel .

That's all . Good Luck with Your New Youtube Channel. I am done for today but the part 2 of this post going to come soon.