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Why My Gaming Channels are not Popular on Youtube

Last night i wrote another terrible post about how to make a successful gaming channel on Youtube and today again, i am going to share with you another of my s88y post . I have 2 Gaming channels on youtube . Created nearly 2 month ago i guess. And i have uploaded a lots of videos on them, my English sucks and i am sure you know it if you read any of my previous post, so i made many no commentary videos . I have two channels, one is Lone Indian Gaming and another is Sparia19 Gaming . Lone Indian Gaming Consists gameplay videos , have uploaded gameplay videos like Resident Evil 4, 5 , 6 , Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Knight, Call of Duty etc  And in my other channel sparial19 ,  i post short videos like game performances or game tricks etc . I gave tags descriptions everything but still after posting a lots of videos, i haven't reached even 1000 views in my two channels. I have 400 videos in these two channels, but organic traffic? none .

How to Create a Popular Youtube Gaming Channel in 2017

Wow , A Gaming Channel on Youtube , Sounds Great , You are playing awesome games , your favorite games and people watching you, clicking your ads, you are becoming a famous personality and also earning millions of money at the same time, People are going crazy about you oh, it's like a dream come true. Right? You have a Gaming Channel Right? How long you are running it? Who are you? Are you PewDiePie or TheRadBrad ? None? Then what are you doing here?

How to Create a Successful Website in 2017

So You want to create a successful website and want to earn money from Adsense. I am sure you have researched about it a lot and you are ready now to go for the next step. But hold on, Before you go, i have something to say. Well you can make any website popular, even a worst niche can become a great niche if you are wealthy enough to spend on it. But if you are in a tight budget, then you must need to listen to this. I know you've heard a lots of bloggers, but am not going to say all the same s**t you have read nearly 1000 of times. I have some websites and i know exactly how i made them . I am not rich yet but i just love what i am doing. But anyway, in this post, i am going to help you to create a successful website and earn good money from it.