How to Get Back Your Banned Youtube Channel?

Hello My Friends ,

I know how it feels like to getting banned on Youtube. You give a lots of effort to create your videos and upload them one by one and after some days or months, suddenly a message showed up on your email and it says your channel is terminated due to severe violations of the terms of youtube. It's really shocking. I know exactly how it feels. 

If you have started an youtube channel just after hearing from your friend that there's an opportunity available on youtube which is pretty easy and you can earn some easy money from it, and without reading the youtube Terms and Conditions, you create a channel and try to earn money from it, then i can guaranty your channel going to be terminated for sure.

Everything you do on Youtube is pretty sensitive. You have to read the terms and conditions to know about it more. What can you do if your channel get terminated? Well, in most cases, youtube don't give back your channel, even a single misleading tag can cause the banning of your channel, but if you sure that you haven't done anything wrong in the channel, then you can ask them to review your channel and try to describe about it as much as you can here . Once they review the channel, they are going to reply you as soon as possible whether you are getting back your channel or not. If they don't find any violations, your channel going to become live again.

However , if you are honest youtuber, then you don't have to worry about this things. Creative people don't need this types of tips. Youtube always love to give the opportunity to the new comers, they believe you that you can be the best. So if you are thinking about creating a channel, then well, just come up with some good ideas to entertain people. Don't try to steal, or don't play with the copyright material. You can't escape.

I had a Youtube Channel once but i lost it because of it's content. Though my channel was informative and it's about computer tips and tricks, i made some mistakes by posting videos like how to make utorrent faster or how to speed up internet download manager . I think these videos are the reason my channel got deleted, well it took 2 years for them to find my channel is violating some of the rules. But still am not sure what was the exact problem that caused the deletion of my channel. I haven't got any copyright strike or anything, one day a message came to me and it just told me that i violated the terms, so they deleted my channel. My channel name was SP007 . May be i have used some misleading tags. I asked them to review the channel but they stood firm on their decision. 

My advice is, don't try to hang yourself in third party business. Try to have something on your own, But if you still want to look forward to work with a third party, then just read their rules and follow each of the steps carefully as per rules. And never try to mess with Youtube, there's nothing you can do but regret if they ban you for life.