How to Create a Profitable Niche Website

Previously i just gave you some ideas to start a new niche website. Well anyone can start a website anytime. In 2010, i had some stats that 4 websites get launched in every second . It's 2017 now and am sure 50 websites launching in a second. So before you step into the online market, you must need to know How to Create a Profitable Niche Website and run it successfully.  

Everyone building websites these days. Everyone wants to earn money from home, want to have their own business. People now a days started thinking like - " we don't want this slavery life anymore. I had enough of this service and getting a job pressure . Let's create a good niche website and start earning millions. And it sounds pretty cool and easy. But is it really easy?

Well I bet you can become the top, the number one. But let me tell you something first. Even if you know the hundred percent about a great niche and everything to make a website popular, that is not well enough to make your website run successfully.

May be you have already created some good contents. But it doesn't coming on the first page of the google. Or even in 2nd or 3rd or even 10th page.

Why is That? I think you already guessed that. It's Because of money. If you have money, then am sure you are not reading this particular post at this very moment. You must be running a successful website and working on it right now . Your unlimited amount of talent only worthy when you have the money.

Why i said that? because i already suffered this situation. Millions of people those who have enough amount of money to run ad campaigns or paid services , They can earn a lot of you think your talent going to survive against them?

Your enormous talent can't get you anything . So there's no way to utilize it by your own if you don't have enough money. The only way to utilize your talent, get a job . Just fulfill other's dream, and earn a fair amount of money and live the life and see whether you can make something from it and take yourself towards your dream.

I know most of you going to think that i am just a negative guy who thinks very negatively or someone paid me to discourage the people of the internet, if you are thinking this, you are wrong. I am just a simple man, a common man, who has similar dreams like you, but without having any option, just have to work for someone 8 hours a day, to fulfill his dream.

So the Question is, Is there any other way to make a popular website with your pure talent? Well of course yes but it can take a lot of time to get some visitors on your site. Those days were gone First you need to have a bit of money to spend for your website, say as low as $200 at least / month for the marketing and other maintenance purpose . Am sure you are not getting that money from the sky, unless if you convince someone to become a partner of your business and pay it for you, you just have to be sure that your goals are set.

If you earn $200 , then spend  at least $100 for the website each month if you are desperate to make your dream come true .People spends millions of dollars on marketing and i am suggesting you to spend $100,it doesn't look good anyway but well with this $100, you can earn some social media followers for sure and depending on the contents you provide.May be they can help it go viral.You have to learn about the facebook or twitter or google ad campaign services very well, and must have to spend the money their wisely.

This post is not for wealthy people, This post is for people like me, who's struggling to reach their destination , who has no financial supporters. Am sure there's a lot of successful people available. But am also sure there are more people like me than those successful people. Reading successful stories feels great but everyone not that lucky. We are the director of our own movie called Life, So we have to direct ourselves in a way , where we can learn to live with the things we have, in a smart way.

May be $100 is not enough, but as i told you, we have to learn to live the life with the things we have in a smart way .There's also another way to get popular, if you have done something great or worst and people liked it on social media and you got millions of likes and shares and followers for it. Then you can create a website with your creativity. Am sure you know there's a lot people who got famous in this way and now they have their own brands.

You are running for your dream, so you must need to spend some time on it. So try to live the life in a routine for your own good. Whatever niche you chose, just go for it and work hard for it. Less you spend time and money, more time it's going to take to earn visitors or subscribers. You have to go through with great problems, but still  you have to firm on the way of your dreams, Just don't give up.

Well i know this post is kind of philosophical. But still I hope you are going to find this helpful anyway.

I started this blog to share you the SEO Tweaks, computer tweaks, about games etc. But there's no point to do it. Cause Millions of people already written many contents about this. Every one shares there success stories, but for me, i am going to come to you part by part. This is my current stage, if i became successful one day, am going to share my story too.

Good Luck to all those people who starting website business. I think now you have a bit of idea how the real world looks like. Good Luck !