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How to Get Back Your Banned Youtube Channel?

Hello My Friends ,

I know how it feels like to getting banned on Youtube. You give a lots of effort to create your videos and upload them one by one and after some days or months, suddenly a message showed up on your email and it says your channel is terminated due to severe violations of the terms of youtube. It's really shocking. I know exactly how it feels. 

How to Create a Profitable Niche Website

Previously i just gave you some ideas to start a new niche website. Well anyone can start a website anytime. In 2010, i had some stats that 4 websites get launched in every second . It's 2017 now and am sure 50 websites launching in a second. So before you step into the online market, you must need to know How to Create a Profitable Niche Website and run it successfully.

What is The Best Niche to Create a New Website and Earn Decent Money in 2017

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I know my blog isn't very popular. Honestly i get 2 or 3 visitors each day, I didn't even earn a single cent in all these years. But i didn't stopped this blog . Cause if someone getting help from my post, even a single person helping himself or herself with my blog, if i can change anyone and guide him to the right way, then it'll be a huge achievement for me. Today i am going to talk about the Best Niches of 2017 to create a website and make it popular. Now certainly, no one has written any post about this matter. Cause it's seems kind of dumb to write something about this. Millions of website are launching in a day . And every type of websites getting popular with the quality of the content they are providing. But as you want to know which niche is the best to get start a website on it and earn some real quick money, So, as for my knowledge, here is the some popular profitable niches which can make you popular if you are doing everything c…