Why You Should Not Use Any Kind of Adblocker

Using AdBlocker to Block Ads While Watching Videos or Visiting Sites? You Must Need to Read This :-

Okay so i understand that you are fed up while watching your favorite videos on youtube . When the turning point of the video coming and you are excited to see what's going to happen, Suddenly an Advertisement came up and it ruin your excitement. May be this is why now a days , many people using ad blocker so that next time they watch a video , there is no interruption. And also a lot of websites are there who made the ad services look like garbage, there is no doubt in that. When you open a site, thousands of ads showed up on your screen and it's really frustrating . People wants to earn money any how possible. Which works quite good for certain time, but let me tell you something, You just can't dodge google.Am sure one day, those site going to pay for their actions. Anyway, Here i am going to talk about some possibilities why you should not use an AdBlocking service.

Let's come to TV. When you watch TV, do you skip ads? do you use an adblocker to stop it? when ad comes, what do you do? You change the channel right?this is how you skip it. or stay on the channel and see the ads until they finished. Ads are the most important things in this Digital Media World. Now if you use an adblocker on your browser and rapidly stop the google ads. Do you think google is not going to know about that? Most importantly if you work with adsense, and then you use an adblocker service on the same computer from which you access the adsense account, Do you think it's absolutely okay? There's nothing going to happen right? So what are the possibilities if you use an adblocking service? 

Your Adsense may Get Banned

Your Google Account can get banned. All the google services you are using, you'll be unable to access it. For some people , May be google's automated system going to take sometime to caught you, but sooner or later, you are going to pay for it.

May be google can ban your IP address forever to access google.com

What if most of the people start using it? What google going to do then? If many people start using it, then it's going to be an easy solution for google. They'll make you pay to use their services. Now you enjoy youtube totally free, next time you have to access it with your credit card and also have to enjoy it through the video ads . Or they'll create another program, Which gonna identify if you are using an adblocker or not. If you are using adblock service, Clearly you are not going to have the option to access the site or the video, or you have to pay to visit the site or the video. It's not always good to go with the flow. Sometimes you need to think wisely. Google is the best thing we had in our life. No other search engine can take over it,  it is The best, user friendly and providing the best opportunities to earn money through it.
All i just want to say don't mess with google . Blocking ads is totally illegal. For some people, It can cost all of us a lot in future. So before you do it, rethink.
Good Luck !