Things to know Before Applying For Adsense

 Things You need to Know Before Applying Adsense

Well now most of us familiar with one particular earning opportunities, and it's Adsense. Those who already searched about how to earn money online, am sure they already heard about adsense cause it's by far the best opportunity to earn money online. If you have any good knowledge about anything, or may be you can make people laugh easily or something like that, then you are eligible to earn a lot of money with it. Being a successful blogger or youtuber, it feels great. It is more than just a job. If you are choosing your passion as profession, then you are living the life. Enjoying your work as well as earning money from it.

I know a lot of you tried for adsense, some are already doing good business with it. But those who still not getting approved in Adsense or thinking to earn money from adsense, then you must need to read this. I have already saw many posts available on internet, how to do , what to do, what you need but i realized you need to learn what exactly adsense wants from you.

Authentic Content. Beautifully written content. No tricks my friend. And also make sure your website updated daily. I don't care what other people say, but to survive, you must need to work a lot on your site so google can see yes you are trying hard. By doing the hard work, you have to make them believe that you are the one they are searching for. Google bot crawls your website daily, So the daily activity of your site is visible to them, which matters a lot.

A beautiful design of your website. You must need a responsive theme for your website. Now it's not only the policies of the adsense. You need to read the webmaster guidelines and you should memorize it as long you are dealing with adsense. Complicated design of your website can get you into trouble. Just think as a viewer, how other people going to see and feel about your website when they are watching it from PCs, or Mobile , or Tablets etc. Your site must need to be mobile friendly. Adsense ads run on mobiles too. Any misplaced ad code can get you into trouble while trying to register the site with adsense.

Your website must need to have some important pages like - Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions , About etc and these pages need to be visible properly. Don't just put them in a corner where viewers are unable to find it.

Placing the ads is another important thing. When applying for adsense, Make sure you place the ad codes in a proper place where the ads are not going to disturb the viewers anyway . Showing the ads in the middle of the posts or above the post might get you into trouble. When applying, just put the ad codes on the sidebar or below the post .

The best part which i never found on any post or thread in google when searched how to apply in adsense or how to get approved in adsense, well, that is - Read the policies of Adsense and Webmaster Guidelines. Before you do anything, just read it and memorize it , think like there's an exam coming, an exam which can change your life forever. So you must need to know and follow each and every rule. You can't be the tony stark of avengers who said - following rules isn't his style. When you are working with google, you have to follow them. 

Just follow these steps before you apply for adsense. Am going to tell you more about it, how to survive with adsense, what to do when you got the approved adsense account and what not to do. Adsense is by far the best opportunity available to earn money online. It's very easy when you learn properly how adsense work, what it wants from you. Let me tell you another secret which i felt after researching a lot about it, Adsense don't like to reject invitation. They always want to give the people the opportunity ,So that you can prove yourself and also to grow their business. Don't listen to anyone who's trying to pull yourself down. Just concentrate on your creativity.  If you get approved in adsense, Don't lose that opportunity by violating any terms of it. Choose any niche you want , provide unique content and if you succeed to attract the people with your hard work, then ....

Thank You