Missing Operating system Problem Solution

Operating System Missing

Operating system missing problem?? lets take a look..

Hey guys, i got the same kind of problem too. It's not a big one but it can make you puzzled for a short period.

Okay so lets come to the story. Once i was using two operating systems in my computer, Windows xp sp3 and Windows 7 64 bit. I don't like put antivirus in my computer because am a gamer and antivirus slow down pc a lot if you have only 2 or 4 GB ram. So One day virus effect started in my computer and i found virus in every folder of my PC. Those folders created automatically. I just don't have the idea then how to deal with that problem. Every time i make a new folder, when i open it  , i see another folder already exist in that folder.

I didn't succeeded to get rid of it. My friend advised me they have the same problem but using the free Avast Antivirus, they succeed to get rid of from the virus (discovered where the virus came from). But i didn't like that advise. Scanning using Command prompt failed me too. So i thought it will be best for me to format the HD and install a fresh window and i have done it. Now windows 7 64 bit installed fine and its working fully. Now i inserted my Motherboard driver CD to install components and we all know that when drivers installing on PC, it restarts computer several times. But when it restarted after the first driver installed, the problem "Missing operating system" on my PC occurred. I was quite shocked. When i saw it, i was like "What???are you crazy???"
Then i put my windows CD again and repaired my OS. Its started working again. Then i went to test again if that problem appears again or not,but when i restarted my computer,"Operating System Missing" appeared again.

I was not sure then what is happening. I called a hardware expert and he told me- " May be your drive some how corrupted or may be windows 7 some how corrupted or may be the virus didn't removed from your computer. " He pushed me into deep sea. I was helpless.
Now i started repair my operating system again to run my windows another time to finish some unfinished business.but this time,windows repair method also stopped working.i was so angry at that time.i don't know what to do.i just opened my cpu case,but what should i do??because all components working well.There is nothing to do wih it.Then i thought lets check the repair option again.then i run again the system repair process,but this time i found there is some option in windows 7 that saying fix start up problems,system recovery,etc etc.i clicked on start up problem it took 5 mins to complete and this is the first time i got some help with the windows cd. Because we face so many problems and we always want to solve it by searching on google. But this time its different for me.

After completing the start up repair problem, There's a message prompt on the windows screen that if you have recently connected any devices in your system,then remove it
and restart your computer again. So i removed my network cable,my speaker cable, pendrive from my computer and restarted and guess what???
The problem solved. Windows 7 working fine then.Now after putting one cable at a time and restarting the PC again and again, I found that my Removable drive causing the problem.If you are having this problem, just remove the removable drive from your CPU and it's gonna solve the problem.

All i just have to do is start the computer first and after windows loaded, i have to put it in its place. That's all. After updating my windows, That problem is gone then. Just update your pc components,that's all.
If you have faced bigger problem than this,share it in comment section,may be i can help or we can help each other. Thanks for visiting my blog.