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    Earn Money Online ! Read it Before Getting Started 

Why am i writing this post? It's because i am angry. You know why? Let me tell you something.
So your life is going very well and suddenly you discovers some ways to Earn Money Online .
Then you start with some ideas like visiting some small money earning sites and after you find that those also not worth your time. You start thinking lets make a site which you are good at. And then searching for good ad publishers. Now after a lot of research you find out Google Adsense is the best ad serving network. You apply for it, You get accepted on it, you feel so happy that yes, google accepted you now you have the opportunity to earn unlimited amount of money online. You do everything with the knowledge you have got. But after you try for 1 year, then you realize this isn't so easier like the way you read about it.

I am really sick to all this things. Everywhere you look, there's always involves Money. Let me tell you an important thing, before you think about start a business with your knowledge, trust me, that's not gonna be successful unless you have a lot of money to spend for your business. You can do everything but to gain the visitors on your site, you have to spend a lot. Or else there's no option.You can find everywhere that you need good articles, great niche websites, your site need this and that but after all you are gonna see first you have to buy visitors in a legal way like by advertising on facebook and twitter and google and after spending $20k-$30k , You are gonna earn some daily visitors. Though it's still not guaranteed.

Now let's talk about freelancing. That day was gone when you get the proper price of your knowledge, your ability. But now, Even if you want to become a freelancer, that market is also started losing it's popularity , drowning into the deep sea. Because some of the country people are helping to drown this whole market. A client offering say $1 for a particular job, say data entry job or a video editing. And when people from third world countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Philippines are looking the job, they are watching $1= 60 rs in india, 48 in Philippines peso, 104 in Pakistani rupee and so on. Then to get the job, they are bidding say 10 rupees from India, 10 rupees from Pakistan and 5 pesos from Philippines. They are just watching and thinking wow, 10 rupees is a lot for this work without even understanding what also client gonna think, and what going to happen on the next job you try to get. So in this bidding, of course Philippines wins. And all the other people, who have some great degrees and skills, they know they just can't do that job at that price, So they are getting rejected and they are falling in deep mud. And so as client's view, they want to spend $1 dollar but people are fighting to do the job for 0.1 cent. Now the clients are mentioning the countries when posting jobs, and now they are well known about the fact that how to deal with the people of these countries. So earning as an individual from a freelancing site is difficult now. Professionals are also lowering their hourly rate to get a job.
With the help of this kind of business strategy , you can see what happened to the great freelancing websites. Even the people who got 5 star rating in there profiles, who has 100%  job success score, they are also getting into trouble to get a new project. If you have a small amount of money or fixed money, please, don't go for a online business. May be a tea stall going to be okay if you find a spot in the market area by doing some politics in your local places. If you want to save your future, think of something else. Take this online thing as a 2nd option.

You don't have to listen to me. But i want you to know the truth about this. You choose whatever you want. Who cares? You can think heroic like huh, why should i am reading this? This guy is a looser, He can't do anything so he started blaming online business. I know many of you going to think like that. But whatever i am earning till now, am sure on the upcoming days, it's going to be a hard target for you. The only people earn from online who has a lot of money. A few people are there who got the price of their talents. But that day was gone.
To do a successful online business, or to earn money from internet, you must need to have some great set of skills. Skills like you are well known to that matter, can create different things with your knowledge, with imagination. That's what you must have to be like. Or else you are not going to be accepted.

Earning money online getting hard day by day, It's kind of out of balance. I hope something dramatic happens which can change online market standard again.
One thing you must need to know, Doing a job with great salary is lot easier than wasting time on internet. After you have a good savings, then you are automatically going to find the ways of  earning lots of money.

Good Luck!


  1. very emotional article, but I should say that you are right ..

  2. I can't agree that "people earn from online who has a lot of money". but you're really right about having skills and talents.

    1. Look dear, the way i see it, skill is not enough to earn good money. You must need to invest a lot to get you business run good in online, and that's exactly what i said. Of course there will be exceptions, but most of us will suffer because of it.


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