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Missing Operating system Problem Solution

Operating System Missing

Operating system missing problem?? lets take a look..

Earn Money Online - Unfair World !

    Earn Money Online ! Read it Before Getting Started 

Why am i writing this post? It's because i am angry. You know why? Let me tell you something.
So your life is going very well and suddenly you discovers some ways to Earn Money Online .
Then you start with some ideas like visiting some small money earning sites and after you find that those also not worth your time. You start thinking lets make a site which you are good at. And then searching for good ad publishers. Now after a lot of research you find out Google Adsense is the best ad serving network. You apply for it, You get accepted on it, you feel so happy that yes, google accepted you now you have the opportunity to earn unlimited amount of money online. You do everything with the knowledge you have got. But after you try for 1 year, then you realize this isn't so easier like the way you read about it.