Speed Up Youtube Videos New Trick

Play Youtube Videos Smoothly without Lagging

How To Speed Up youtube Videos? How can I run HD Videos in a Slow Connection? How To Load Youtube Videos Faster? I searched a lot on this topic.
The Only thing that solved my problem easily is upgrading my bandwidth by paying Internet service provider. But, We know there is no credit. And if you have money, you dont need to search things like this, you can have all your entertainment with it.And trust me, There is no fun in that.You know, in a way, You learn a lot if you always not getting the best, it helps you to get better time to time by knowing many things about the fact and at last you became the best. And that feels really good. Doing some tricks in life make yourself  cool don't you think? Well Let's go for the trick..

Now I don't want to pay my #ISP more, I need some trick now.And I have it. So here am going to show you how to speed up your youtube videos play smoothly, no lagging, faster than ever.

1. Go to your chrome browser and then at the top of the right corner click on the "customize and control google chrome" option,then go to "settings"


2.Then on the "settings", Then click on "extensions", scroll down to bottom and click on the option that say "Get more extensions"


3You can see a new search bar is opened where you can find extensions that available for chrome.Now choose extensions and Search for the extension called "SmartVideo For Youtube". Now install it on your browser.

speed up youtube videos

4.After installing , a browser tab going to open, Go there and at the bottom of the page, you can see the option "Set Global Preferences Now",click on it.

5. Now on the Global preferences setting, Click on the "start playing when buffered" option and then check that the option Called "Smart Buffer" is enabled.

This is it!! Now you can see that video buffering process a lot faster and when you play the video,it play smoothly without any kind of stuck or lag.

This trick helped to play my videos specially hd videos smoothly.I hope you also find it helpful. Thanx for visiting my blog.Have a Nice Day.