Pendrive or Flash Drive Data Recovery

Missing Data Recovery from Pen Drive


Hello Everyone, How you all doing? Am not doing good cause you see am not coming here a lot just ran out of ideas ha ha. Any way, Lets Talk about Something Interesting. Sometimes you lost your data on pen drive when you transfer files with your friends. Property showing full, but you can't see anything . Did it ever happened to you? Sometimes after using the Removable Drive in a cybercafe, you see the properties showing full but all the data just went to invisible mode. Even the "Show hidden folder " option can't show your important files. 

Pen Drive data loss happens for many reasons. Forcefully stopping or removing it from your PC or laptop can cause this problem . Autorun Virus also can cause this problem. Sometimes after scanning your Flash drive, you can face this problem too . Any kind of Removable Drive can have this problem . Take a look how this problem exactly looks like -

pendrive or flash drive Lost data recovery (pendrive showing some property in it)

         The Removable Drive Sourav(F) showing have some data in it.

how to recover lost data in pendrive
pendrive or flash lost data recovery (nothing in the drive)

             After opening there is no property except that system file which is 76bytes

I have faced this error several times. And after a lot of research, i found the best trick to recover your data immediately if it's went in a invisible mode. Not just Pen drive, this trick will work with any flash drive or removable media you have.

Here are the steps of Pendrive or Flash Drive Data Recovery -


1. Open you command prompt and run it as Administrator.

how to recover flash drive data - run cmd as administrator
Data recovery using cmd (Running cmd as Administrator)

2. Then copy this and paste it on your command prompt = attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.*

How to recover lost data from flash drive
Pendrive Data recovery using cmd (copying attrib command on cmd)

3. Here "f" is the flash drive.You have to change it if your drive comes as g, h, i etc etc. Now hit enter and that's it.Bingo!!!

how to recover lost data in flash drive using cmd
Pendrive or flash drive data recovered

(My Pen Drive data which was in hidden mode, just showed up again after using the the command)

You can check your pen drive or the flash dive and you can see all your data again. There are some free Softwares available to clean your PC. You can use those to clear Malwares from it.

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