Farcry 4 Game Crashing Problem

Farcry 4 Crashing Problem (Fixed)

Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to talk about the problems you are getting while playing farcry 4 in your pc(personal computer).So, Many of Us having trouble while playing the Ubisoft's one of the best game Farcry 4.
Problems are like, Nvidia driver crashing, Display driver not responding, System shutting down etc etc.Well Well, also a lot of problem are going around in these world with this game.Am going to share with you some tricks that worked for me.

I have all those problems to i mentioned above.So let's Talk about It.

The Fact is it's common thing when your system going to crash or you are facing the problem while trying to run the game, then without wasting your time you just search on google for the solution and you came up with this - Your PSU is bad, Your psu is cheap,your psu is a crap,you need to change your hardware,you have to spend more money.. all rubbishes.May be this kind of suggestion is true for other games, but for particular this game, those are not the solution of it.

My first question, Are you running the pirated version of this game? If you do, then the crack file creating all the problem for you.Try to buy the game then see what happens.

If you already bought the game and facing the problem, then it's the problem of the game. If your pc meet the minimum requirements to run the game, then you can run it easily, but if it dosen't, then hardware can also cause this problem.

But I saw a lot of people talking about that downgrading your Nvidia driver will help to play the game, and yes that is true.The latest driver from Nvidia creating the problem for this game. Try to downgrade your graphics driver from Nvidia and see what happens.

If your game is not working after downgrading, Try to run it as administrator. This can help you.

If it's still not running, Try to change the compatibility mode and if you are running it on windows 8 or windows 8.1 64 bit, downgrade it to windows 7 64 bit version and run as administrator.

The game is going to run with the help of this steps.But there is a problem to. When you are going to shut down your computer and gonna start the game again, it can crash again.But don't worry, if this happen, simply restart your computer again and try to run.Just do it and run the game again then it's going to work.

I hope my tips work for you.

Thank you..Enjoy the game.And if this post help you, Don't forget to thank me.ha ha..just kidding..

Enjoy the game..

Here is the steps in quick:-

Downgrade your Nvidia display driver, Just install the driver that came with your gpu,i bet that version is an old one.Then on your desktop, right click on the farcry 4.exe file and go to properties,then compatibility then at the bottom, tick on the box where it says run as administrator.And if it's not working as an administrator to,Change the Windows compatibility mode to windows 7 and run it.


                                                           Good Luck.