Clicking sound coming from your cpu???dont worry..or may be its time to get worry..


                                                            sourav parial

Recently i am going through a problem and that is so bad so frustrating,irritating cause i do a lot of work in my pc but its not working any more.i have read about the facts when u can hear the click sound from your cpu.
Most of the people have written on there blogs and websites that click sound appears specially when your computer troubling for RAM(random access memory).Yeah if your ram didn't installed correctly,,then you can hear a clicking sound that coming from your motherboard speaker and your computer display not going to show up.But its kinda easy problem to solve.But there is always a "but" ha ha..my problem is similar but different.
Yes the clicking sound do coming from the motherboard and display is not showing,this is the similarity.But when i started researching about it, its put me into some unbelievable result which make me come here to write about it.

Nearly one month ago i was using windows 8.1,so smooth and cool oprating system with 4 gb ram installed in my computer with a 2gb gt 630 graphics card and the processor is amd phenom.The performance of my system was so smooth.One day at night,while am doing my business in here,,suddenly my system turned off without giving me or showing me any kind of warning.There is no bluescreen error,no clicking sound,nothing it just turned off.May be you can suspect the power supply but how could i??Cause i just bought it two months ago and its working fully functional.So without thinking much,i restarted my computer,then its on again its behaving normal.but after sometimes,the same thing struck again.

Now i know its time to think and do something about it.So i take my screw diver set and 
the brushes and the ram cleaner liquid and started the operation at 2 50 am at night.Now i have
done the necessary things like clean the ram,check the system fans,checked the psu fan,motherboard fan,cleaned the whole motherboard done everything.Now when i started it again after putting all the parts in their places,there was no response.but this time i heard something,a very weak clicking sound coming from the motherboard speaker.Now i was quite sure its surely the problem of the ram.I opened it again,i have two ram sticks,so i tested both putting on both ram slots one at a time but the problem is same.there is nothing except that unhearable clicking sound.

I have my old psu to.So i changed the power supply and turned on my pc and guess what?? Bingo!! the system started running again. Ha ha i was so happy and am feeling so excited that i found the problem.But this happiness stayed for 2 two 5 mins.Its stopped running again.so i opened my motherboard and started checking its components and smelling all the parts if something burned or not,but it was all okay.My next guess moved on the hard disk.May be its facing some problem.i changed the hard disk cable that connected through the motherboard.But nothing happened.

After doing a lot of research,my result was null.And i forgot to sleep that night.when i turned my eyes in clock,it was 9 30 am in morning.

After getting dressed, i took my pc in my office.Then i changed the ram but still it didn't worked.I used different hard disk,different power supply but it still no response.Now i am getting something.Now the suspicious component is motherboard.

and yes my motherboard was died like this..and i think the reasons are-

I think this is somehow created some problem because those two rams are both ddr3 but there frequency are different.never use two different manufacturer rams.always by ram with the same manufacturer.

I don't have ac in my room because i get attacked by cold easily and its not good for me.but this was also not good for the computer to.in summer,my computers normal temperature goes to 52 to 55 degrees which is too hot and when i play games,it reaches 80 to 90.heating issue is one of the problem that can damage your motherboard.

Always clean your pc.dust is the another reason because if you leave in a room where people are always around it,then a lot of dust going to stored in your pc.you cant stop it.all you can do is clean your pc after 15 days.

Unlimited use of computer 
Probably one of the reason for killing my motherboard.Well may be that's not true but its a common thing.Just because of computer is a machine,that dosent mean it don't need rest.oh and i used my pc so badly.I played games,working all the day,and whatever you do,your ram is always working and it can create a chance to freeze your desktop and shut it down,your system is always getting heated,and if you don't have good air passing system in your room or you don't have any air condition or air cooler,then the warm wind always circulating in that certain area and if you have 4 or 5 fans in your cpu case then trust me,its not helping your pc.you need a cool circumstances to make your pc work cool.
restart your computer after 3-4 hours of continuous use.may be it can give some life to it.

I am still trying to fix my motherboard,lets see what happens.i'll update as soon as i get some results.

If you got any same kind of problem,you can share it in the comments section.thanks for visiting my blog.

click sound dosent always mean that your ram or hard disk got damaged.Just learn how to handle a pc,how to check the components.i failed to handle mine,but i don't want to see you fail..