Speed up your operating system



Hey guys its me sourav parial,today am going to share with you some steps about how to boost or speed up your operating system(windows xp,windows7,windows8,8.1).
well those who got the enough property for their systems,they don"t need to think about it but those who love to stay with their old system which getting slowed day by day,this post going to help if uyou have pretty old processors and also only 512mb or 1 gb ram,and your pc slowed down when copying files,or working with 2 or 3 softwares in same time,you can make your system a little bit faster with this few steps in just 2 or 3,without wasting any moment,lets go for the goal.

STEP 1:-

you need to clear your temp files and caches and cookies everytime when you start your window.
just go to run,in there type-   %temp% 
then press enter.then select all the files in there and just make a shift+del.
then you can clear your cookies from your web browser can see my other post how to clear web browser,s cache cookies history etc etc.
go to run(windows key+R) again and then type-   prefetch
 press enter then and delete all the files.deleting temp and prefetch gonna speed up your system a lot.just do it once everyday.softwares like ccleaner is help cleans all the above you can get it free form internet.

STEP 2:-

next step is if you are really troubling with your os and you are unable to make it work faster,then this step may be help you.right click on your my computer  shortcut on your desktop,then you can see there is an option called advance system settings,just click on it and then you can see there a lot of options,but choose advance.after clicking on advance,you can see there the first option is on it.there you go nopw you can see also there is three you which is best for you,just select adjust for the best performance.after clicking on that,select ok and you are done.

STEP 3:-

Now you can optimize your system by adjusting your virtual memory.see my other post-