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How To Download Youtube Videos

How To Download Youtube Videoes

Once upon a time i have faced this problem too.I have tried many ways but that didn't help.And the best thing about me is i don't like to ask for help that easily if i am in trouble in this kind of topic.I don't like to give up that easily.So after doing some research,i find a good easy way to download youtube videos with full speed without even opening the video on youtube.

So lets see How To Download Youtube Videos Fast and Easy-

1.Go to keepvid dot(.) com.Just google "keepvid" and click on the first link and enter into the site.

2. Then You can see the blank bar there.Open youtube,search the video you want to download,copy the link by right clicking on the video and paste it on keepvid's blank bar.then click on the download button.

3. You can see there a lot of links gonna show up,the available qualities of that video are going to come up there.Now choose the one you want to download,right click on it and copy the link address.