Why You Should Never Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting for Your Website

I started using Godaddy 5 Years ago. Previously i was using local server for my websites and url's . Then i saw huge advertisements of Godaddy and their website also looked promising. So i decided to give it a try . 

Blue Whale Game Explained - Why You Should Not Play This Game

Kids are dying by playing this game. And the most important thing is after getting a lot of popularity and awareness, kids are still trying to playing this game. They are ready to complete all the task given in the game. The real question is why? What do they want to prove? Why kids are getting effected so much?

Tips to Keep Social Network Pages Safe and Run Successfully

Today i am going to tell you how to manage social network pages properly for your website. I started managing all of it by myself but it didn't go well for me. So here are some tips to keep social network pages safe and run successfully -

How Much You Care About the Specifications of Newly Released Games??

You Know, When a game trailer releases and after watching that we all get excited and then we, specially those people who have cheap graphic cards or old PCs, they always start thinking - how much specs its gonna take to run the game, what i am going to need to play this one? Well just stop thinking like that.